What is Eubiq track system?
The system consists of the power track and the tap-off units such as plug and adaptor. The system allows electrical power to be tapped off anywhere along the track through the use of specially designed tap-off units. The tracks are available in 2 versions; the surface mount and recess mount type. A wide range of Eubiq adaptors are also available for all major plug types of the world.

What is the rating of the track and the accessory?
The track is rated at 40A for continuous operation. The plug is fused and rated at 13A; likewise the adaptor is also rated at 13A but without fuse.

How many tap-off units are allowed on the track at any one time to tap power from the track?
The number of tap-off units is dependent on the total load current consumed at that point of time rather than the absolute number of tap-off units connected. Maximum load current available on the system is subjected to the rating of the MCB at the Distribution Board supplying to the final sub-circuit. In practice, the track can accommodate up to 12x adaptors or 18x plugs per metre run. Ratio of adaptor to plug is 2:3.

Is there any means of isolation on the track system other than the MCB at the DB panel?
Yes, besides the isolation at the remote DB panel, we do have optional module of Circuit Breaker or Isolating Switch that can be locally attached to the track system during the installation.

What is the maximum length of the track available?
The maximum length of individual track is 3.6m. It can be linked up to any required length to cover the wall perimeter. Wires will be looped accordingly to provide the continuity of the power supply. More than one incoming circuits may be supplied to the track at different interval (electrically isolated between tracks) if the demand of the total load is higher than the rating of a single MCB rating at the DB.

Does the product conform to any test specification or safety standards?
Yes, the Power track is designed to comply with the IEC 61534-1 whereas the plug and adaptor comply with BS5733/SS241 and the relevant clauses of BS1363/ SS145 standards. The construction of the track and the engagement of its tap-off unit are such that the connection to the Protective conductor (PE) is made before and is broken after, those to live parts.

Is it possible to have an incoming of 230Vac and the feasibility of having 110Vac on different portion of the Track?
The present track system is designed to use for single incoming voltage of either 230Vac or 110Vac. Not suitable for combined usage of dual voltages within the same track.

Will Eubiq come up with Multi Purpose Adaptor so that there is no necessity of designing different adaptor for different continent?
Not at the moment, need to consider the complexity of the designs and other appropriate Standards & Requirements of the respective country concerned prior to designing this Multi Purpose Adaptor.

What is the warranty period or how long can the products last?
Product was type tested to last beyond 15000 operating cycles under normal usage condition. (No specific warranty period)

If any part of the track/plug/plug adaptor is faulty, is it replaceable?/dt>
Yes, certain removable parts such as top covers, santoprene flaps and fuse are replaceable. Otherwise, it’s more economical to replace the whole accessory when it is faulty.

Where is the product manufactured & designed?
It is designed and assembled in Singapore.

Is the product water proof or water resistant?
No. The protection code is IP4X. Refer to Answer 7.

Will the installation of data/communication cables alongside the Eubiq Power Track system cause any EMI effect as it’s a common practice not to install electrical power wirings and data/phone cables near each other?
Eubiq track is uniquely designed with 2 separate compartments to house the data/ communication or TV cables. The compartments are electrically isolated from the track’s supply conductors and formed an integral part of the aluminium-earthed chassis. Therefore, the effect of EMI on the cables is being suppressed.

If the Power Track system is installed in the kitchen, will the heat generated from the stove/oven cause any damage/deform to the Power Track? Is the track heat resistant? What is the recommended mounting distance to prevent this from happening?
All plastic materials used in the track are heat resistant. However, it is not advisable to install the track on the wall directly above the stove/oven to prevent accumulation of dirt on the track cover surface due to prolong exposure to the smoke/ fume caused by cooking. It is recommended to install the track at least 200mm away from the stove/oven.

Can the plug/plug adaptor slide along the track?
No. The plug/plug adaptor is not designed to slide along the track. The correct operation is to plug-in the accessory at any point along the track and engage by means of turning the accessory clockwise. Conversely, turn the accessory counter-clockwise to disengage and unplug if necessary.

Since the Eubiq Power Track can be installed up to any length, how do we ensure that the end user would not overload the system by plugging in too many devices? Is there any indicator on the Power Track that would let us know that the track is overloaded?
Optional circuit breaker/isolator with indicator would be available in the near future to be connected at the incoming supply end of the track. Presently, overloading of the track system is being protected by the circuit breaker at the Distribution Board supplying the final sub-circuit.